We have carefully planned litters throughout the year. Call or email for more information on current litters and available pups

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We offer world class bloodlines with our outstanding breeding stock. With Faro Policia, Congo Vikar and Diddy Von Der Costa Brava, Drago Eqidius, Sharon Favory Cross and Squall ze Stribrneho kemene you can't go wrong.. Our litters are very healthy and uniform in size. We strive to produce super strong nerve and over all sound structural balance. 

Finding a well balanced German Shepherd today can be a challenge. Sadly we are seeing many poor quality specimens in today's breed. Imbalance in temperament and conformation seem to be the norm. We see incorrect slope, and over angulated back legs. The original standard has been lost over time. We strive to bring you what the German Shepherd Dog was, and should be. We take pride in that. We have concentrated on producing only the finest German Shepherd pups.

One point we want to stress is the fact that we are not a puppy mill. We have only a few of the finest females the breed has to offer. We don't breed our females year round. They are bred on rotation to insure not only their health but the health of their pups. I feed a grain free diet that includes egg, whole milk, and raw meats. These dogs are cared for and loved as one of the family. 



KhloeCallage2This beautiful girl is Khloe, a 2013 Sampson Vikar M  pup all grown up and looking great. She has the blood of many true legends in her veins. Thank you Tom and Lori for the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication you’ve put into her training. She is a beautiful example of a true GSD.