Hindi Von Falkenhein, sired by the late great Diddy Von Der Costa Brava. SCH 1,SCH2, SCH3,AD, BH, Bundes, Qualifer for the WUSV Championship. Her dam is the beautiful {retired} Czech import Violka Anrebri, ZVV1. Hindi is a gorgeous solid black, big boned female that has great drive and produces beautiful pups with super dark pigment. She has a rock solid nerve base and a very clear head. She also possesses a strong willingness to please her handler, and has a great love for her family. Many of her pups have gone on to great careers in Law Enforcement. . 



Elsa Van Den Heuvel is sired by Dargo Eqidius,IPO 3, SchH 3, SVV 1, Drago was one of the #1 producing stud dog out of Slovakia and one of the top producing stud dogs to come out of Europe. Elsa's dam is Xara Stribrne Doly, V1 rated Excellent, ZM, ZW1, IPO1,IPO2, 0/0 Excellent hips/elbows.

Elsa is a stunning nearly black bi, with absolutely outstanding conformation. Both her parents were V1 rated with 0/0 hips and elbows. She has that classic blocky Old World style head and massive boning. She is a true joy to live and work with. She has extreme ball drive and has a very strong natural territorial behavior.




Lexie Van Den Heuvel, sired by Sharon Favory Cross, IPO 3, VPG 1, First class 5JV1/P, Sharon is one of Europe's Top Producing Stud Dogs. Lexie's dam is Fidorka Anrebri, IPOV, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, FPR1, ZMZVV1 titled. Fidorka is sired by the world famous Jabina Querry.

Lexie is a beautiful black sable with gorgeous conformation. She is a big boned robust female with tremendous drive. She is super in our home and loves her family. She is a female that has a very strong natural territorial behavior, and because of this, you can sleep very well at night knowing she is protecting your home and family. She is a wonderful example of a great old world style working German Shepherd.